Sound Guidance!
The purchase of a second home or retreat involves decisions somewhat different from those made when purchasing your primary residence. The most fundamental decision centers around choosing a geographic region (or regions) within which to base your property search. Where you look is influenced by several factors. How familiar are you with a particular area? Have you vacationed there in the past? Do you have friends or family nearby? Do you feel a natural connection to an area? How far are you willing to drive from your primary home? How much time do you anticipate you'll spend at the lake? What regions offer better value than others? Other questions to ask yourself: What activities do I enjoy and how will that influence how I choose a lake? How do I learn about water quality? Is it important I purchase a property I can use year round? What do I need to learn about wells and septic systems? How much can I comfortably afford? What are my best financing options? Should I work with a local lender or lenders based in the Cities? How will I take care of the property? And the list goes on! Bob Albrecht offers the professional expertise to help you make sense of the entire process ... so all the pieces can fall perfectly together.

In representing you as a buyer, Bob leaves no stone unturned to find the property that's just right! Bob Albrecht Real Estate is a member of the Multiple Listing Service of the Greater Lakes Association of Realtors, so Bob may show you listings offered by all member firms. Since owning a lake home in the Mississippi Headwaters Lakes Region, Bob Albrecht has had the best time learning the territory, and now enjoys sharing with others searching for property all he has discovered. Bob is also happy to coordinate your transaction by recommending reputable mortgage lenders, title insurance companies, and home inspectors. Additionally, Bob is always pleased to suggest names of local providers of the various services one requires when owning lakeshore property.

There is no substitute for experience! During his long career, Bob has personally overseen more than 1,000 successful real estate transactions. He has well honed skills necessary to steer the course. When seeking representation involving one of your most significant investments, it's in your best interest to work with an established pro!

Bob Albrecht loves the real estate business, and Bob's clients will attest he is a natural! When working with Bob, you are guaranteed to learn and you are guaranteed to laugh! Let Bob guide you to your new North Woods retreat, and in the process share with you his knowledge about - and love of - the Mississippi Headwaters Lakes Region!